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What to look for in a cat carrier

Do you struggle to get your cat into the carrier?  Do you have battle wounds from trying to pla...

Jun 19 • 1 min read
Finding a good Dental Product

Dental Disease is one of the most diagnosed diseases in Veterinary Medicine.  Untreated dental ...

Apr 29 • 1 min read
Tips for a Safe Easter Holiday for Our Pets

Here are a few safety tips for one of our favorite Holidays to help everyone have a safe and Happy E...

Apr 8 • 1 min read
So why are UTI’s such a problem?

So why are UTI’s such a problem?  Well to start, the term UTI (Urinary Tract infection) is ofte...

Feb 15 • 2 min read
Is my dog really a senior?

I'd like to introduce you to my handsome boy Lycan. He's a sheltie that is as cuddly as he looks, an...

Feb 1 • 5 min read
Life with my 20 year old cat - Part 1

Say Hello to Miss Gabby.  Born June 1st 1999, or as close as I can determine.  Gabby was a...

Jan 16 • 7 min read
The Potential Dangers of Grain Free Diets

In light of some current events in the pet food world, The FDA has pointed out that grain-free diets...

Nov 1 • 1 min read
Leashes and Leads

Knowing what type of leash or lead to buy and use with your pet can be difficult to determine. ...

Oct 8 • 2 min read
Understanding your pets food – Ingredients vs. Nutrients

Why make such a big deal about a pets food?  They’re all the same right?  OK, so I know yo...

Sep 18 • 2 min read
How to Bathe a Dog at Home

You wouldn’t think that something as simple as bathing a pet, an act we all hopefully engage in ours...

Jul 12 • 3 min read

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