Forms & Handouts

Authorization Forms

New Client Form
Client Update Form
New Pet Form
Medical Records Release Form (To person)
Medical Record Release Form (to Vet)
Permission to Treat (Out of Town)
Medical Records Release Form

Examination Forms

Pre-visit Questionnaire for Wellness Visits
Pre-visit Questionnaire for Sick patient Visits
Dermatology History Questionnaire 
Fear Free Questionnaire

Surgical Forms

Feline Surgical Consent Form*
Feline Dental Consent Form*
Canine Surgical Consent Form*
Canine Dental Consent Form*

*Surgery authorization forms must be filled out prior to any anesthetic procedure. The morning of the procedure a technician will go over the consent form as well as any questions or concerns you may have.

Informative Handouts

Pain Management

How to Know if your Dog is in Pain
How to Know if your Cat is in Pain

Royal Canin and Eukanuba Recycling Program 

Royal Canin has a Free Recycling Program. Simply visit this LINK and download a free shipping label to ship
your Royal Canin and Eukanuba pet food packaging to TerraCycle, and they will recycle it. 

Fit Club Weight loss Program

Cat Food and Exercise Tracker
Dog Food and Exercise Tracker
Treat Calorie List

Dental Health Care
Behavior Modification Techniques to Teach Your Pet to Accept a Toothbrush
Preventative Dental Home Care for Your Pet
Dental Products Awarded the VOHC Seal of Acceptance

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Our Funkstown veterinarians offer a wide variety of pet care services including spay and neutering, general exams, vaccinations, and much more. Contact Animal Health Clinic of Funkstown today to schedule an appointment at our Funkstown, Maryland veterinary office.

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