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Fear Free Check-in: Once you have arrived in our parking lot, please CHECK-IN through our FunkstownVet App, by visiting or by calling 301-733-7579 to let us know you are here.  If you do not have a cell phone each door has a call box that you can speak directly with a member of our CSR team.  Once it is time for your appointment a technician will call you prior to entering the building and will escort you directly into an exam room. 

Why:  Pets can experience anxiety or fear when exposed to unfamiliar animals and people. It's often easier and more beneficial for your pet to avoid such stressful situations altogether rather than attempting to calm them down afterward.

Fear Free Exam Rooms: We have implemented numerous measures to establish a fear-free environment for our patients. Utilizing soft music and pheromones helps in creating a calming atmosphere. Treats are employed to foster positive experiences. Additionally, we may find the need to limit the number of individuals present in an exam room with your pet. This may involve limiting the number of pet parents accompanying a pet into the exam room, asking someone to briefly step out of the room, or suggesting curbside visits for those with accompanying children. These adjustments are aimed at ensuring the comfort and well-being of our furry patients during their visit.

Why: When faced with unfamiliar, frightening, or stressful situations, pets often instinctively retreat. We aim to provide them with the opportunity to withdraw from what's new or intimidating, enabling them to gradually acclimate and find comfort at their own pace.  

Curbside Services are offered for:

  • Those showing signs and symptoms of cold or flu.
  • Those with small children.
  • Any pet owner that prefers Curbside or pet parents of Protective pets

Why: Not all pets thrive with their pet parent present. Some pets exhibit heightened protectiveness over their owners and may feel more at ease when they don't sense an immediate need to safeguard their human family.

Online forms for Exam Room Visits with our Veterinarians

Please completing the following online health questionnaires prior to your pet’s veterinary visit to ensure our veterinary team has the most accurate and comprehensive information about your pet's medical history and current health status, so that we may address all of your concerns or any symptoms you may have noticed.

New Client Form (for new clients)
Client Update Form  (for active or current clients)
Pre-visit Questionnaire for Wellness Visits (For vaccine, annual exams, or senior pet exams)
Pre-visit Questionnaire for Sick patient Visits (For all other patient visit) 
Fear Free Questionnaire (for all patients)

Curbside appointments for technician visits:

Exam rooms are reserved for wellness or sick visits with a Veterinarian.  For this reason, technician visits will be done as a curbside service. Once you have checked in, (see above) a technician will speak with you about your pets’ health and care before bringing your pet inside for their requested treatment.

Medication pickups:

It is recommended to call prior to arrival to finalize payment.  Once you have arrived, call 301-733-7579 to let us know you are here.  A staff member will bring your medication to you.  Arrangements can also be made to have the medication ready in a pickup box located at the main glass door entrance from our parking lot.

Surgery patients:

Once you have checked in, (see above), a technician will call to review your surgery consent form and to answer any questions you may have about your pet’s care.

A copy of the surgical consent paperwork and estimate will be mailed to you prior to your pet’s surgical appointment. Please have the surgical consent form and surgical estimate (if provided) filled out and signed prior to your surgery date. The surgical consent form is also available on our website.


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