Creating a Bucket List

Step 1:  Take a moment to brainstorm.  Pick a spot that is comfortable and special where you and your pet can hang out.  This can be a comfy spot on the sofa or outside in the fresh air.

Step 2:  Think of things that are meaningful to you or special memories that you have of your time with your pet.  Where was your favorite place to go with your pet?  is there a special memory you relive?

Step 3: Are there thinks your pet is typically not allowed to do?  Maybe you have a special thanksgiving dinner with turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. Are they allowed on the sofa? in bed? 

Step 4:  No item is to small or too large. Its important to have a wide variety of goals for your list, but a also allow for spontaneity. if an opportunity arises for something you hadn't considered you can always add to your list. 

Step 5:  Write and create!


Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • What is your pets favorite food?
  • Where is your pets favorite place to walk?
  • is there favorite family photo you can recreate?
  • Take your pet for a massage.
  • Throw your pet a birthday(or un-birthday) party.  What would the theme be?
  • Does your pet like to be on the water or on a boat?
  • Has your pet ever had their photo with Santa? 
  • take your pet for dinner and a drive in movie.
  • has your pet ever seen the ocean or made paw prints in the sand?


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