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What if a veterinary visit could be something you and your pet look forward to?

Our team is fully trained in low-stress and fear-free techniques to provide low-stress care for your pet. We use calming techniques and emphasize low-stress handling to provide the most positive experience for your cat or dog. 

During your visit, we watch out for any signs of stress. Depending on the individual patient, we may give you recommendations that range from treats as a motivator or a medication given several hours before a visit to help lower their level of stress. 

Signs of stress in the veterinary hospital can include:

Fill out the pre-visit Fear Free Questionnaire to help us best-prepare to greet your pet.

If your pet is coming in for a veterinary visit, here are a few tips you can do:

  • Arrive hungry! Wait to feed your pet or only feed a small part of their meals.   We like to give lots of treats so pets associate each visit with a positive experience.

  • Bring the good stuff! We have a variety of treat options as well, but if you know your pet works best for a certain treat, bring those.  If your pet is on a special diet or a prescription diet you can try and bring their kibble with you for us to give as treats.

  • Make sure your pet’s brain is ready to learn. Try and avoid other stressors or triggers prior to the appointment.



How to Prepare your Pet
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How to Make the Trip to the
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