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Growing old is difficult for everyone, and the constant reminders are everywhere. That gray hair that wasn't there yesterday, the increasing strength of your eye prescription, the number of prescription bottles you have in your  medicine cabinet, or the fact that the president doesn't look as old as what you think he should. Every year we celebrate another candle on our birthday cake, as one year closer to being "old". But what if, instead of every birthday bringing us 1 year closer to that golden age, it brings us 4,5, even 7 years closer. That is the life of our pets. That 78 pound golden retriever sleeping beside you may only be 6 years calendar years old, but to his body he is 45 years old, and preparing to enters his senior years.

What is Senior Care?

Senior Wellness helps focus care on a pets aging body, and the illnesses and concerns that they may face in their advancing years. Senior Wellness focuses on preventative steps that may be taken to prolong a happy and healthy life, long into their golden years. 

What is Hospice Care?

Veterinary hospice and palliative care is a way to provide quality of life care to patients facing their end-of-life journey and to help guide owners throughout the process. Both hospice and palliative care focus on the comfort of the pet with their disease process rather than curing. 


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