Veterinary Emergency Services

What to do in an Emergency  

Medical emergencies can arise at any time, often occurring outside of regular veterinary hours. It's essential to reach out to the nearest Emergency Veterinary Clinic promptly. Making contact with the emergency facility ahead of time can greatly assist in efficiently managing your pet's emergency. 
Here's why:
  1. Assess Availability: Calling the emergency facility ahead of time allows you to assess their current availability and any potential wait times. This can be crucial, especially during busy periods or if the facility is located a significant distance away.

  2. Informing Staff: By calling ahead, you can inform the staff about your pet's situation. This gives them a heads-up and allows them to prepare for your arrival. They may also provide you with specific instructions or guidance based on your pet's condition.

  3. Confirming Services: Not all emergency facilities offer the same services. Calling ahead allows you to confirm that the facility can provide the necessary care for your pet's particular emergency. If they can't, they may be able to direct you to a more suitable facility.

  4. Preparing for Transport: If your pet requires immediate attention, calling ahead allows you to prepare for transport more efficiently. You can gather any necessary supplies or medications and be ready to leave as soon as possible.

Below we have provided a list of the Local veterinary emergency care facilities available in Washington County, MD, Frederick County, MD, and Winchester, VA.

Mountain View Animal Emergency

13810 Crayton Blvd
Hagerstown, MD 21742
Phone: 301-733-7339
Fax: 301-733-7735


434 Prospect Blvd Frederick
Frederick, 21701
Phone: Phone:301-288-VETS (8387

Partner Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center

Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-200-8185

CARE Veterinary Center

1080 W Patrick St
Frederick, MD 21703
Phone: 301-662-2273

Valley Vet Emergency & Referral Center

210 Costello Dr.
Winchester, VA 22602
Phone: (540) 662-7811

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