Gone But Not Forgotten 2024

Gunther Moser

2010 - 2024

Gunther was the most loving and sweetest dog.  He enjoyed chasing his tail and being cuddled. He was loved by everyone. He was more than a dog to me, he was my best friend.  A piece of our family is missing since he passed. He will forever remain in our family's heart. 

Tabby Beard

2005 - 2024

Lilly Pryor

2007 - 2024

Lilly was our sweet girl who had the softest ears of any dog I’ve ever known. We miss her.  

Ozzie Crosby

2010 - 2024

Ozzie spent the last 7 years of his life being my constant shadow. He gave me so much to do in the first two years of my retirement, now I have time on my hands that I don't know what to do with! I miss him dearly. He was the sweetest boy.

Pumpkin Younker

2008 - 2024

I struggle to find the words to express how wonderful Pumpkin really was. I know I'll likely never find a connection quite like I have been so lucky to have with this sweet boy. From his cuddles, kitty kisses and taking rides on my shoulders, he brought such love and a healing light into my life. He was my greatest friend, my baby and my love. His absence will be forever felt. 

Sophia Maria Boyer

2009 - 2024

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