Kitten Packet

Congratulations on your new addition!

Having a new kitten in the family is exciting and sometimes overwhelming. We are here to help. We are ready to answer those tough kitten questions: How do I litterbox train my kitten? What vaccines will my kitten need and when? Will my kitten need to be dewormed? When can my kitten be spayed or neutered?

Here have collected some quick and easy to follow article to refence as you and your pet navigate kittenhood.

Kitten training

Teach Your Cat To Go Into A Carrier—Without A Struggle

There’s probably nothing a cat owner dreads more than a trip to the vet–even if the cat isn’t sick. Most dogs will happily jump into the car, but for cats the ordeal starts with a struggle to get into a carrier that’s stressful for both of you...

3 Easy tricks you can teach your cat

Most cats can–and should–learn how to do a few simple tricks. Some, such as coming when called, are useful, and others, such as giving a high five, are a fun form of enrichment for your cat...

Clip Those Claws! Tips on Trimming Your Cat’s Nails

Socialization and Enrichment

First year of Life

The first year is full of milestones for your kitty, from learning how to play and interact with your family, to growing strong and healthy. It is important to learn to recognize and anticipate your kitten’s natural behaviors while being proactive in your cat’s health care plan. Kickstart your kitten’s lifetime of wellness with proper vaccines, parasite prevention, and safe socialization so you can enjoy many happy years to come...

Create a Fear Free Enviroment by Catifying your home

... Catification and Fear Free go hand-in-hand, because catification is all about creating a home environment that reduces fear, anxiety, and stress for cats...

5 Tips for Introducing a Kitten to Adult Cats

There’s nothing like the fresh new energy of a kitten coming into your home! If you normally adopt adult cats, adding a kitten can be a real adventure...

Fun Feline Enrichment

General Kitten Health

Getting your Cat to the Veterinarian

Providing your cat with good health care, especially preventive health care, can allow her to live a longer, more comfortable life. However, this cannot happen unless you take your cat to see the veterinarian routinely.   Many cats are fearful or distressed when going to the veterinarian because the practice is unfamiliar, as is the carrier and the car. Here are some tips to make trips a positive experience for you and your cat. You can also learn about selecting the perfect cat carrier....

New Kitten Checklist from AAHA

Adopting a new kitten requires planning and thinking ahead to what kind of lifestyle your cat will lead later on...

What should know about my cat's vaccinations?

One of the best ways to keep your cat healthy is by ensuring they receive all of the recommended vaccinations. You should speak with your veterinarian to learn which vaccinations are recommended for your cat...

Caring for your cats teeth

Maybe you’ve never really thought about it before, but proper dental care is just as important for your cat’s health as your dental care is to your overall health...

Feline life stages

What your cat requires will change as they age. Cat’s lives are broken into four stages: kittens, young adults, mature adults, and seniors. Each stage requires special attention to certain health and behavioral areas....  

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