Wellness Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a Wellness Plan?

    Wellness Plans are a convenient and affordable way to provide the care your pet needs. By focusing on prevention you and your veterinarian can better understand your pets health care needs. Wellness Plans are NOT insurance. They focus on preventative services that keep your pet happy and healthy.

  2. What does a Wellness Plan include?

    - Every Wellness Plan includes such things as Annual VaccinationsRoutine testingyear round Heartworm, Flea and tick Prevention, and much more.

    - Every Wellness Plan also comes with Unlimited Physical Exams which include:

    • Ear exam • Eye exam • Dental exam • Neurological evaluation • Cardiovascular evaluation • Abdominal palpation • Coat & skin evaluation • Urogenital evaluation • Musculoskeletal evaluation • Pulmonary/lung evaluation • Weight & Nutritional Counseling

    For more information download our Canine and Feline Wellness Plan brochures:
    Feline Wellness Brochure
    Canine Wellness Brochure

  3. How do I pay for my Wellness Plan?

    Wellness Plans can be paid in full the day you sign up or, for a one time fee, you can choose to become a member of our Monthly Debit Club. The amount of your chosen plan will be broken down into 12 easy payments that will automatically be charged to your credit or debit card.

  4. Is it possible to cancel my Wellness Plan?

    - All our plans are annual contracts, which allow for you to pay for your services, interest free over a 12 month period.  Plans may be cancelled in cases where the owner and pet move out of the area or if the contracted pet is deceased before the plan’s expiration date. 
    (cancellation fees may apply.)

  5. How do I renew my Wellness Plan?

    - You don’t have to worry about not being covered because you forgot to submit paperwork or forms every year. Your Wellness Plan will automatically renew to the next Wellness Plan. The only time you would have to contact us is if you would like to upgrade a Basic Wellness Plan to a Premium plan.

    To start your pet on a Wellness Plan please call 301-733-7579 and sign up today!

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