Quality of Life Scale

Quality of Life Scale and Daily Diary

Directions: Below you will find key factors to help assess your pet’s condition and quality of life. Use the daily diary to keep track of your pet’s progress. By being able to quantify good days vs. bad days, helps you and our doctors to determine if the quality of life is sustainable for the pet. The numbering system below is an example of how to quantify quality of life. Even check marks or “+/-“ help to determin
e and decide what our next step is.


2- Good Mobility – no difficulty getting around, enjoys walks and going outside.

1 – Poor Mobility – difficulty getting up, hard to get in position to eliminate, short walks, restless

0 – Bare Minumium Mobility – needs assistance getting up, pain medication/anti-inflammatory medications do not help


Nutrition                                                           Eliminations

2 – Good Appetite                                                    2 – Normal urination and/or defecations

1 – Poor Appetite – hand feeding/enticing                  1 – Reduced/Irregular urination/defecation

0 – No Appetite – not even taking treats                    0 – None


Hydration                                                              Interactions/Attitude

2 – Adequate Intake                                                  2 – Interacts Normally with family and pets

1 – Poor Intake/ or increased in some pets                 1 – Some Interaction with family and pets

     with particular diseases.                                            0 – Hides under bed or in closet, isolates

0 – Cannot maintain hydration –                                          from family

     needs fluid therapy daily

Favorite Things ( plays ball, walks, car rides, ect. )

2 – Normal still enjoys favorite activities, hobbies, ect

1 – Decreased interest doing favorite activities 

0 – No Interest in favorite things   


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