Environmental Enrichment for Senior Cats


Your home is your cat’s haven. Just like any family member, a cat needs a healthy living environment that allows for room to grow, play, and most importantly, to thrive. Creating an enriched environment for your senior cat can increase activity and mental stimulation, and reduces potential behavior problems. Below are a few ideas to help enrich your cat.

  • Give your cat some (vertical) space. This gives your cat a greater overall space to move and climb about and provides the perfect place for items such as cat trees that give your senior cat plenty of places to hide, stretch and hang out.
  • Scratch a post off your list. Scratching posts offer an outlet for your cat to let loose. Plus, it should prolong the life of your furniture! Make sure your senior cat’s scratching post is sturdy and made from a cat friendly material such as wood, sisal rope or rough fabric. Place it next to a window, your cat’s sleeping area or other popular areas where your cat can be a cat.
  • Join the chase. Cats absolutely love to stalk and hunt. And if you have just one cat in your house, it is especially important to engage in games and activities that allow your cat the ability to chase. Studies show the most popular cat toys are ones that involve humans.
  • Be a good companion. Because cats are social animals, it is important to give your senior some companionship and mental stimulation. Gentle petting, stroking, grooming ad playing are good engaging activities. If your cat is alone for longer periods of time, you may want to ass another cat in the household to help fill the gap. If you plan on getting a new pet call our office for helpful tips on how to introduce your new addition!

Many enrichment toys can be purchased at your local pet store, or you can build your own at home!


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