Fit Club Weight Loss Program

Welcome to our Fit Club Weight Loss Program, and congratulations on taking the first step in helping your pet achieve a healthy weight. By helping your pet you are decreasing the chances that they will develop many life threatening diseases, and you are increasing their life span by up to two and a half years. By the end of the program your pets will be thanking you for making them look and feel healthier, and helping to fulfill their lives.

The program is designed to help you as a pet parent work through the difficulties of helping your pet lose weight. We understand that there are many things that make weight loss difficult, and we have included a packet full of information that will help you learn ways to get your pet more exercise, a list of common problems that hinder weight loss, and a specific guideline for your pet that will tell you exactly what you can feed, and how much exercise they should be getting. We encourage you to keep a list of all your concerns while helping your pet lose weight, and bring them with you at your pet’s weigh-ins so you can discuss them with a weight loss coach.

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Your first visit:

  • Your first visit will begin with your pet's initial weigh in and consultation with a weight loss technician.
  • Using the Healthy weight BFI risk chart we will determine your pet's ideal weight.
  • We will then calculate the daily number of calories your pet should have in a day to reach their healthy weight.
  • A dietary plan will be established to determine what type of food (Metabolic diet, Lite food or prescription diets) and treats (metabolic, prescription treats, veggies) your pet should be eating and how much.
  • A weight loss schedule will be made to determine how much weight your pet should lose per week. (Too much weight loss too quickly can cause unwanted health risks.)
  • Exercise and feeding guidelines specific to your pet will be discussed and a written plan will be sent home.

Your second visit:

  • Your second visit begins with a weight check 2 weeks after starting your new weight loss program. Weight loss is not expected at this time, because the pet will still be adjusting to the new feeding schedule. There should not, however, be any weight gain.
  • Not everything is going to work for everyone so be sure to discuss any and all questions or concerns you may have with your weight loss technician so that appropriate adjustments can be made to your pets feeding schedule.

Your third visit:

  • By the third visit pet should have lost the expected amount of weight according to their weight loss schedule.
  • Be sure to discuss any and all questions or concerns you may have with your weight loss technician
  • Your pet's daily calories intake (food, treats etc) and their amount of exercise will be evaluated and adjustments to their feeding and weight loss schedules will be made if needed.


  • Weigh ins should be scheduled for every 4 weeks. These should be much shorter as your pet continues to lose weight and you become more comfortable with the weight loss plan.
  • If weight loss does not continue to lose weight, the dietary and weight loss schedules will be evaluated and adjustments in calorie intake and exercise may be made when appropriate.

The final visit:

  • Once your pet has reached their ideal weight a new feeding plan will be made to maintain their new healthier physique. This new feeding schedule will have a new calorie intake amount, any new food allowed, and treats amounts.

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