Gone But Not Forgotten 2019

Louie Lastinger

2007 - 2019

Cheyenne Williard

2008 - 2019

Kamden Summers-Pike

2007 - 2019

 Our sweet boy Kam was so loving to all. He would have been a doctor by profession. He was so caring and loyal. He was good with people and other animals , even cats. Our hearts are broken but we have peace he is no longer suffering from his kidney disease. He was a fighter and loved by many. He was handsome on the inside and out. 

Kabaka "Junia" Craig

2002 - 2019

Maddie Beard

2007 - 2019

Kuiper Hassinger

2008 - 2019

Our Sweet Boy,  thank you for the joy you gave us. 

Chloe Shank

04/22/2007 - 06/08/2019

Teddy Burkholder

1998 - 2019

Izzi Moyer

2009 - 2019

Our beautiful girl, Izzi.

Vickie 4 Baker

2008 - 2019

Sam Pennington

1996 - 2019

Sam was man's best friend for 23 years and my best pal for over 20 years. 

Sean O'Haire Carroll

2004 - 2019

Annie Nye

2007 - 2019

Born May 1, 2007 Crossed The Rainbow Bridge April 18, 2019

Annie you are always in our hearts.

Samantha Hutzel

2008 - 2018

Lady Blackford

2014 - 2019

We miss our sweet Lady so much. “Lady girl, Biggie, Momma, Lady bug.” We will always remember her love for the sunshine and sun bathing. She was the best big sister to her fur brothers, fursister, and human sister. Lady was patient, loved cuddles, and had the best soul.  We are saddened that the seizures took our sweet girl too soon, but feel confident that she is soaking up the sun in doggie heaven. Thank you for all the memories Lady girl. 

Chewy Keller

2003 - 2019

Penny Sarber

2000 - 2019

Sadie Cunningham

2005 - 2019

I really want people to know that blind dogs lead happy, full lives. My Sadie never felt sorry for herself despite having her eyes removed, her decade of blindness, and her many years of living with debilitating arthritis and other medical issues. She had a zest for life unlike any that I have ever seen. Sadie could hear a butterfly flying, and follow its movements. She could chase squirrels and mice, and snap up bumble bees with the best of them. She loved to smell flowers, and whatever it was that she scented on the wind. She could hear a candy wrapper or a food bag being opened from a mile away. She never missed a thing. Sadie “looked” at everything that was new or different to her, or in the house. I could take her to a new hotel or rearrange a room, and then knock on things to “show” her where things were, and Sadie made a mental map in her head by pacing it 2 or 3 times and then remembered it.  When out walking, she was so sure footed and fearless that people did not even notice that she was blind! She absolutely loved the ocean, car rides, and walks, and the silly games that I made up to play with her. She especially loved for me to sing to her. When she was younger, and after she was blind, I would keep clapping my hands and tell her to run to me across a field or a parking lot—and she did! Full tilt and unable to see, Sadie ran! She had complete faith and trust in me.  And Sadie remembered people and places that she loved, no matter how many years intervened.


Sadie taught me to live every moment to the fullest, and to see others with my heart and not my eyes. She loved me so completely. I truly believe that she lived for me. Even after 14 years, I could not see that she was ready to go until I loved her enough to finally release her. Sadie is the greatest blessing that I ever received. I could not ask for a truer friend or a more steadfast companion. Sadie was, and is, pure Love. God promised that Love endures all things. For that reason, I know that I will see Sadie again someday. She is my beautiful, steadfast angel. She led me through some of the most difficult years of my life. I believe that Sadie will come for me when my own days are done- perhaps when I, too, am weary, aching, old, and gray… but she will come to me with legs that can run; with eyes that can see; and with a body that can once again do amazing twists and flips. She will be there, pain free, and with that smile that I already miss so much, to lead me on that journey to be with her in Heaven, always. Sadie is as close as my heartbeat, and only a single breath away… but oh, how dearly she is loved and missed. She will always be “my Sweetest Chickpea, my Little Sadie Bug, the Most Wonderful and Best Puppy There Ever Was in the Whole Wide World.”

Mattie Arvin

2006 - 2019

Chu Chu Ericson

2007 - 2019

Kirby Myerovich

2015 - 2019

Arnie Troupe

June 20, 2006 ~ March 16, 2019

We will always look back on the joy he brought to our lives.

Copper Lowery

2015 - 2019

Copper was an amazing dog, and he taught our family many life lessons. He is deeply missed. 
"Goodbye may seem forever.
Farewell is like the end.
But in my heart a memory, 
And there you'll always be."
- The Fox and The Hound

Holly Summers

1998 - 2019

She was 20 years old, was loved and gave love.

Lucy Sutton

2007 - 2019

Smokey Dillman

2002 - 2019

Gizzy Welch

2004 - 2019

Such a special little boy, whom we'll always hold dear to our hearts.

Tender Vittles Kay

2002 - 2019

Shadow Souders

2003 - 2019

My Baby Girl

JoJo Gooding

2010 - 2019

Our sweet JoJo white toe

Ginger Lowery

2005 - 2019