Gone But Not Forgotten 2017

Dixie Asbury

2012 - 2017

Brooke Jones

2009 - 2017

Blaze Stonebreaker

2002 - 2017

 He was my favorite hello & my hardest goodbye.

Grendel Baker

2000 - 2017

Lilly Utterback

Born: 2/2/2003 Passed: 11/25/2017

She was the Joy of our life, and will be missed. 

Love, Mom and Dad.

Boboo Kershner

2005 - 2017

He was a very loving, sweet and such a good dog. We miss him dearly. Our home feels not complete without him. 

Bella Smith

2007 - 2017

Coco McConnell

2005 - 2017

Elsa Ann Abrecht

2015 - 2017

Lexi Gaver

4/12/2015 - 10/18/2017

Zoie Luce

2009 - 2017

Katrina Weicht

2001 - 2017

Katrina we found you in the compressor of the pop machine at the campsite when you were too young to even be weaned, you must have been the runt of the litter & pushed out from the litter. We bottle fed you until you were able to eat on your own.  You gave us 16 good years of life howling at your toy bird and waking everybody up in the middle of the night and cuddling on mom's lap when she settled in to watch tv every night. We will miss you Katrina we will miss everything about you. Crosby dog will miss you meowing to alert everyone that she is waiting outside the door to be let in.  Fourteen years into her 16 years Katrina's kidneys started to fail, we were able to keep her around an extra two years by giving her subcutaneous fluids twice a week. In the end it was your howls of pain that alerted everyone you couldn't go on any longer!!! Rest in peace, Katrina! Rest in peace!!! 

Jade Haney

2014 - 2017

Peanut Jenkins

3/6/2004 - 8/2/2017

Teek Harshman

July 9, 2004 - September 22, 2017

Frisky Keplinger

2006 - 2017

Jay Cooperson

2009 - 2017

Kiski Aleshin

2001 - 2017

He was a cat who connected to all who entered his home. He had personality with a huge P. His lack of presence leaves a big void in our family. 

Ellie Mangold

2002 - 2017

Shelby Jardine

2002 - 2017


A loving memory or my baby girl Shelby sharing a bowl of ice cream with her twin brother Scout.

You will both be missed.


Callie Willard

2001 - 2017

This is a picture if Callie doing one if her favorite things.  Playing in the paper.  She was the sweetest kitty ever!

Gizzy Hartley, Fall 2005 - 8/23/2017

Companion and friend to our dogs Annie, Zoe, and Sadie

Gizzy found us in the fall of 2005. She climbed a 6 ft fence in order to climb onto Randy's lap. She was tiny, emaciated and ridden with fleas. We took her home, gave her a flea bath and made her ours. She quickly taught our full grown cats who was boss. Gizzy wasn't cuddly and didn't much like to be touched, but she loved "her" dogs. She would often spend much of the warm days outside in the backyard with our dogs Annie and Zoe. After they died, she was bereft. She and our new dog, Sadie quickly became companions. 
We will miss her quirkiness and "take no hostages" personality. She never gave us any indication she was sick, until she could hide it no longer. 
She lived life on her terms and we are grateful she chose us to be her furever family. 
Gretel and Randy

Brownie Stallings

8/30/2015 - 8/27/2017

Brownie loved the outdoors, and watching TV (Animal Planet). He loved to be cuddled, and was very lovable.  Brownie, I love and miss you very much.  You will always be my companion, no one will ever take your place.

Love your heartbroken, Mommie.

Pocky Kay

2001 - 2017

She was a beautiful baby, and she had a personality of no other cat I've ever known.  
She'll be truly missed!

Sugar Nicholson

3/1/02 - 7/26/17

My precious darling, I will love you forever!

Becca Cumblidge

2004 - 2017

"Always in our hearts, sweet girl... until we meet again."

Marty Frush

2008 - 2017

Taz Cosens

2007 - 2017

Molly Bee Horst

11/19/2008 - 7/11/2017

Molly, your life was abruptly ended. Your love, and beautiful memories will never end.

Missing you, 

Your Family

Sky & Lacy Stottlemyer

Sky: 2008 - 2017 Lacey: 2009 - 2016

Hailey Disbennett

2003 - 2017

Dooney Kudirka

2006 - 2017

Pepper Kistler

1999 - 2017

Sebastian Pyne

Sept. 1, 2015 - June 3, 2017

He was a very special kitty.

MAggie Mae Warrenfeltz

2004 - 2017

Bailey Baillargeon

2006 - 2017

She was an amazing, beautiful girl that will forever be missed! This picture was taken 2 days before we lost her. She was proudly showing off her New England Patriots bandanna!

Cameron Buchanan

2009 - 2017

You will always have our hearts. Love Mom and Dad

Callie Allison

2015 - 2017

Callie was a very special cat who will remain in our hearts forever. 

Mittens (left) Maybelline (right)

Mittens: 7/2007 - 2/2017 Maybelline: 2/2002 - 2/2017

Our Beautiful Mother Daughter girls, we Miss You so much.  You loved each other as much as we loved you!  You both left paw prints on our Hearts ♡

Little Bear Kline

2007 - 2017

I have a hole in my heart that is taking time
to heal.  I miss this little man more than words can say.  He was my shadow, loved dressing up, and was such a ham.  

Dalton "Stinky" Gump

2006 - 2017

Oliver Speak

1996 - 2017

Russell Kundrick

2010 - 2017

Our sweet boy Russell was loved by so many.  Our hearts are broken with his passing.  We are so grateful for the 6 years of companionship, love and joy he brought to our family and miss him every day.  

Deeva Colbert "The Queen"

2003 - 2017

Gracie & Lola Whistler

Gracie: 2000 - 2017 Lola: 2000 - 2017

Rosie McLaughlin

2004 - 2017

Xena Stahl

3/18/1998 - 1/8/2017

18 1/2 good years together